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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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6 tools that Microsoft PowerToys have given me that I can no longer live without

In reality, when we refer to the aforementioned PowerToys, we are talking about a series of tools that we can add to the operating system to complement it. Basically, we could say that these applications help us improve Windows in general terms. Add new features or improve some existing ones by default.

In addition, it is worth knowing that once we have installed PowerToys on our Windows 10 or 11, They barely consume PC resources. If you want to take a look at them, something we highly recommend, you can download them from this link. And yes, it is an open source project that we can even download from its own page on the GitHub platform.

It should be noted that Microsoft periodically releases new tools for this suite and improves some of the existing ones. Hence, it is a constantly growing project that is worth trying. Below I am going to talk to you about some that I consider essential in my daily life in Windows and that improve the experience with the system ostensibly.

Essential PowerToys Tools on Windows

The variety of functions covered by the different tools that have been launched over time is increasing. Depending on the type of use we make of the operating system, we will be interested in one functionality or another. Here are the ones that I consider essential in my team.

Always in the foreground. This is a tool that you can configure so that a certain window of a program running in Windows is always in view. This allows you to set the browser window or multimedia player window always in the foreground if you are working with multiple applications simultaneously.

FanzyZones. This is a functionality that I normally use as a complement to the previously mentioned one. And it allows you to manage the windows of the different running Windows programs in a much more effective and personal way. We can even create our own designs for placing these elements on the desktop.

fancyzones powertoysfile locksmith. When detecting excessive resource consumption of some programs. This is a very useful PowerToys feature. And it shows us the processes used by a file or folder in order to finish them and so on. free both processor and RAM at one point.

Text Extractor. This is another of the tools that has become essential in my work in Windows. Basically, it is responsible for extracting the text from any image that appears on the screen and converting it to text thanks to its integrated OCR function.

Keyboard Manager. The keyboard is one of the most important hardware elements of the computer and this PowerToys functionality allows me to customize its use at all times. For example, when creating my own key combinations for the functions I use most in Windows.

Keyboard ManagerMouse Utilities. As in the previous case, the mouse is another component of the equipment that we use constantly. This is a tool that significantly improves its use in Windows by assigning new tasks and customizing others.

Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
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