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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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7 new features you’ll want to install in Ubuntu 24.04 on day one

It’s already April. And, as usual, Canonical is finalizing the release of a new Ubuntu version, 24.04 “Noble Numbat”. It’s been two years since the last LTS, 22.04, was released, so this new version is being released with expanded support to encourage users to forget about updating and installing new versions in a few years. But this won’t be just another “update.” New Ubuntu 24.04 Whatever it is, it will bring some impressive new features that you will want to have.

There are still a few weeks left until the new version is officially released, but interested users can download and install the latest beta version of the system. Thanks to them, we know what new features this new version of the operating system will bring.

And these are the seven new features we thought were essential and our favorites.

A much more updated and secure system

If there’s always something I’ve complained about about Ubuntu, it’s updates. It’s ridiculous that they release a version every 6 months and have 9 different supports. And while 5 years of LTS isn’t bad, it’s still not enough. So the new Ubuntu 24.04 LTS is Updates and support are provided for 12 years.. This is possible thanks to the fact that Ubuntu Pro is now available for free for personal use and supports up to five computers.

Of course, we also included: Latest version of Linux kernel with extended support, 6.6. This kernel is not only one of the most stable and best performing kernels in recent months, but also features several improvements and optimizations.

Canonical also plans to release the following products: new security app For Ubuntu, you have control over everything related to protecting your system. It’s currently in beta, so we don’t know if it will ever be released, but even if it isn’t, it probably won’t be for long.

Much more intuitive Ubuntu

Canonical has put a lot of effort into making the operating system much more intuitive and easier to use. For example, in this new version: new installerIt is much more guided and easier to understand, so anyone can install Linux on their computer in just a few steps.

This new Ubuntu also has a new version of the desktop. gnome 46. In addition to the many changes that can be found in this new version of the Linux desktop, this version focuses on organizing and specifically improving the configuration panel, creating new security and privacy items, and creating additional information about the system.

software center The big change is that you can search and download all kinds of programs from there. This is a new version based on Flutter, which debuted in version 23.10 but now offers significant improvements in performance and ease of use. The Update Center has also been improved, making driver updates much easier.

Update drivers on Ubuntu

Next to the software center SNAP Packages Become Popular. These programs attempt to end one of Linux’s biggest problems – dependencies – by providing fully-featured packages that we can install. They have all the dependencies the program needs to function properly, and are installed in an independent space so that they do not interfere with other programs.

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Mark Tyson
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