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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Advanced search, help, and website summary

In general, you should not abuse these extensions, but Browser resource consumption It can be triggering, and using the essentials can help us a lot. If we are regular users of the aforementioned artificial intelligence platforms, this is exactly the case that concerns us in this respect.

In fact, there is an alternative ChatGPT on OpenAI The growth and improvement has not stopped over the past few months. All of this runs parallel to other competing AI proposals. New offers of this type appear all the time and are competing with each other for a place in the highly competitive market. Based on the fact that Google Chrome is the most common and used browser and ChatGPT is the best-known AI platform, these Google browser extensions integrate both software solutions.

Below we will show you some interesting samples that you can install for free on your Google browser right now.

ChatGenie for ChatGPT

First of all, let’s talk about ChatGenie, an extension that can be installed on Chrome, focused on improving the browsing experience of various pages with the help of ChatGPT. Moreover, you will also have the possibility to access artificial intelligence platforms or other websites without changing tabs.

Basically, if you use the extension Request a response from ChatGPT Uses multiple search engines to deliver the best results in the same current tab. Especially for the AI ​​itself, the extension comes with features that will keep ChatGPT active for a long time and always help you: Download here.

ChatGPT Plus for Google

Here you can find another clear example of how to make the most of this platform. Artificial intelligence directly in Chrome. All we need to do is install the extension. from this link So make sure ChatGPT is integrated into your browser’s search engine.

Basically, this allows you to use the help of AI on any website you access from here. Typically, we use the official web applications of these AI platforms to inquire about all kinds of topics. But thanks to this extension we will have the opportunity to get relevant help directly from AI using the extension mentioned in the same line.

GPT Summarizer

In this other case, I found something interesting that installs directly into Chrome. this link. To give you a better idea of ​​how it works, let’s use ChatGPT Provides a condensed version of the content. The website you visit when you need it.

Summary GPT

What it actually does is resume any text content You can quickly check it out on our website without having to select it. Obviously, for this we use the platform described for OpenAI, ChatGPT. You’ll also get these summaries in bullet points and the original language of the content. Supports up to 72 languages.


Initially, to take advantage of other alternatives in the form of extensions for Chrome, the first thing you need to do is install them. From here. The main purpose is Improve your search in this browser ChatGPT’s internal technology helps you get more relevant results from Google.

The extension also provides a set of features. ChatGPT Notice You can solve all kinds of questions online with just one click. We can personalize these AI notifications based on our interests. This way, we can get all kinds of AI help without ever leaving the websites we normally visit.

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Mark Tyson
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