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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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AMD FSR 3 technology finally comes to consoles

The console platform is about to introduce one of the biggest updates we can expect: the technology. FSR 3 ~ Of AMD This allows you to stabilize your FPS, improving performance in some of the most demanding titles. The first title to be able to enable this technology will be EA’s latest game, Immortals of Aveum. The game can make good use of FPS gains due to the numerous effects and particles.

Fidelity Super Resolution 3either one FSR is the technology of AMD It was created to compete directly with other rebalancing and power generation technologies. frame, is similar to DLSS offered by NVIDIA, but has a series of differences that make it better than its competitors in some cases. this allowed AMD It’s trying to compete head-on with what NVIDIA is offering, a solution to increase FPS in games, especially for console users.

AMD’s new technology coming to consoles

As expected, AMD We continue to support one of the platforms that offers many advantages on the hardware side. That said, most modern consoles include processors coupled with GPUs, so there’s no better way to take advantage of this technology. It is called FSR 3 Than your own hardware. In this way, the company developing the Ryzen processor wants to enable console users to make a leap forward to exceed 60 in terms of FPS. frame In a really well-optimized game.

In general, this technology allows many titles to maintain acceptable performance. This is because consoles often run into issues with some titles that have a lot of visual effects, particles, or are poorly optimized. When trying to maintain the frequency of the beat frame stable. That’s why the implementation of this technology is so novel, and one of the titles that will benefit the most from it will be debuting with Immortals of Aveum, the latest game from the publisher that created Battlefield., EA.


What benefits does the console offer?

The first benefit we can think of is the fact that the first thing the resizing technology will do is allow certain titles that are not performance optimized to behave more fluidly. But this is not the only feature that AMD’s new technology offers us. That’s because AMD’s new technology is only the most basic of all the features it offers.

And one of the most important points to emphasize is FSR 3, which is introducing frame generation that will allow console players to leap beyond 60FPS to 120FPS in many titles. This will allow more gamers to benefit from the 120Hz refresh rate that modern monitors offer.

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