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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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ASUS has Thor’s hammer… literally, it’s a charging station

With the arrival of good weather, many users begin to plan weekend getaways with friends and get out of the monotony. If your needs are to always have a plug nearby and be able to connect any type of device, no matter how demanding it may be, a charging station is the simplest solution. But if you are also a fan of Marvel or Norse mythology, not just any charging station will do.

Really, any charging station will work for you, but, when choosing, you should take a look at the charging station that ASUS has presented called ROG Mjolnir, a charging station that uses the same design as the Thor’s hammer.

Charging station shaped like Thor’s hammer

ASUS has announced this new charging station through its .

Can you guess what feature we’re going to add to complete your gaming experience?

👀Stay tuned for more during #ROGComputex2024!


April 3, 2024 • 12:01

As we can see in the only image that has been published of this charging station, it has 4 power outlets, so it is capable of continuously providing power to up to 4 devices at the same time. Although the image of this product shows the socket used in America and Asian countries, it is assumed that it will also reach the market with sockets Schuko.

In addition, it also includes two type A power ports and two ports USB-C to charge devices compatible with fast charging or even laptops without having to use the corresponding charger.

Along with the power outlets and USB ports, it has a screen that shows the battery capacity remaining and where we can also see the charging power that offers: 768W, which allows us to use it even with a desktop PC when we stay when there is a temporary power outage, however, it does not have a UPS function.

As we can see in the only image that has been published of this product, on one of the sides, there is a grille that is used to facilitate entry and air vent so that the equipment works without overheating. ASUS has not published additional information about this product, so we do not know what the battery capacity it offers, the charging time and the power are (although this information does seem to be displayed on the external screen).

Price and availability

At the moment, as we mentioned above, ASUS has not revealed any more information about this charging station, so we do not know what power it will be able to offer. It has also not been announced when it will be available on the market or its price.

As we can read in the publication of X (Twitter) where this charging station has been announced, we will have to wait for the Computex 2024 which is held in Taiwan to find out both the features and the price and availability in the market.

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