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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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do this if you don’t want to leave any traces on the PC

Over the months and years that we use Windows, these useless elements accumulate on hard drives, which can become a problem. Furthermore, these sections of the system itself become filled with information that is no longer useful, which negatively affects the operation of Windows itself. A clear example of all this is found in the registry, something that we do not take into consideration very much, but which is extremely important.

Hence, below we are going to show you the simplest way to completely remove programs which we no longer need in the Microsoft system.

Basic steps when uninstalling programs in Windows

The first thing we must do to completely eliminate any software that we have installed on the computer is to uninstall it in a conventional way. To do this, we can use the uninstaller that the application offers us, or open the Control Panel to access the corresponding section. We only have to go to the Programs / Uninstall a program section to locate the title that we are interested in removing.

From there it will be up to us to double click on the entry in question so that it is start the removal process. This is something that Windows itself does automatically. But as we told you, in many cases there are remains that we will not need in the future.

Hence, at this point we are going to delete the folders and files that have been stored on the main hard drive. To do this, we open a File Explorer window, type the following in the corresponding navigation bar:


This gives us access to the folder where the different software we install in Windows usually add their own folders. Hence we can now search for those corresponding to the program that we have just mentioned. uninstall and remove manually the possible remains that may have been left. Sometimes this will help us free up a good amount of disk space and get rid of folders that we will no longer need.

How to clean the system registry

The Windows registry is a very important element that on many occasions we do not give enough importance. The applications that we install here create a multitude of entries that are sometimes left orphaned when the software itself is eliminated, which is not always the most advisable. Over the years and months this can negatively affect the operation of the operating system itself.

Hence now we are going to show how to clean this mentioned registry every time we delete an application from our computer. To access this section we only have to type the regedit command in the search box on the taskbar. Before making changes here we recommend making a backup copy of the registry in case problems arise in the future. This is something we do easily from the File / Export menu option.

Once we have the backup file saved, we recommend that you go to the Edit menu of this window. Here you will find the Search option in which we type the name of the application that we just deleted.

search windows registry

Most likely, we will come across multiple entries in the registry that we should delete one by one. To continue with the analysis and for the editor to continue looking for what interests us, we can use the keyboard shortcut with the F3 key.

This registry cleaning process It may take us a while, but it is something that our operating system will appreciate in the future.

Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
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