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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Do you know which Capcom sagas players want to revive?

Capcom It is one of those strange cases that, like Activision, still remain at the top of the video game industry despite having spent more than 40 years programming and distributing, so they have a lot of merit. And of course, throughout this entire career he has launched countless sagas that, over time, come and go according to the tastes of the fans. gamers.

If we asked you now what saga of Capcom If you would like to revive it, and if it hasn’t had games in the last decade, you would surely give us a name. Well, the Japanese have thought that it would be a good idea to ask their community, to obtain clear clues as to what their next steps could be when it comes to giving life back to one of those franchises that they keep in a drawer.

The most desired Capcom sagas

After the work that Capcom has been carried out with the resident Evilcreating some of the best remakes than we have ever seen, it is clear that the Japanese want to continue with that policy and try to influence the opinion of their most unrepentant fans. For this reason, last February it published a curious survey in which it asked users which sagas they would like to see again.

And of course, those who have followed the company’s trajectory in recent decades have not hesitated to leave their opinion to see if Capcom You end up paying attention to them or not. And do you know what results that survey has returned? Well, one that you already imagined as soon as you read the headline: Dino Crisis. He survival horror which was released for the first PlayStation has been the winner… by far.

Besides that Dino Crisiswhich is a classic, also stands out Megamanin addition to resident Evil which was already practically taken for granted. It is also curious that the word stands out remake, which also seems like an indication of what users expect the Japanese to do with those names they are proposing in the survey. So as the classic would say, “white and in a bottle…”.

Other sagas also want to revive them

Apart from these two clear winners, other names appear such as those of Ace Attorneya franchise that we all know linked to Nintendo and that has games that are true gems, or already in small form Street Fighter, which is surprising that no one is interested in seeing any previous installment remastered or updated in any way. How about a Street Fighter II with current technology?

Onimusha, Devil May Cry, Darkstalkers (great fighting wonder for Saturn), monster hunter or Okami They are other names that appear and we do not know how much attention will be paid to them. Capcom. Especially if we take into account that some of them continue to have more or less periodic deliveries. So we’ll see what the Japanese make of the results of this survey. Will there be a remake of Dino Crisis closer? Hopefully…

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