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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Does it make you human? Apple is also developing a similar robot.

A few weeks ago, after a decade of persistent rumors about Apple’s project to build a fully self-driving car, Project Titan (as the project was called) was finally scrapped after an estimated investment of more than $10 billion. When asked about this, manufacturers have already made predictions.

Building a vehicle completely from scratch is a very complex process that can take years. Even if it means investing a lot of money, it means hiring the best engineers, something that Apple doesn’t seem to be clear about yet.

According to the highly successful Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, recent rumors related to Apple indicate that the company’s new project, led by Tim Cook, will be related to the field of robotics, creating autonomous robots that will perform all types of tasks. .

In theory, building a robot from scratch should be much simpler than a vehicle, but this is such a significant challenge that, as with other cases, I won’t be the first to do it.

Apple’s robot equipped with AI

As with Project Titan, Apple doesn’t want to do this project entirely from scratch. Apple contacted numerous manufacturers to collaborate on the project, but no manufacturer wanted to collaborate due to Apple’s need to control all development.

Gurman said Apple is reaching out to robotics companies studying the possibility of building robots that can automatically perform all types of tasks at home thanks to artificial intelligence. The first obstacle to overcome is that if you haven’t developed your own AI, you will need to develop your own AI. This is because it is the only manufacturer that has not announced whether it has artificial intelligence or is developing it.

Apple also wants it to be able to move through any type of space and recognize objects in the environment to avoid them or, if necessary, pick them up. Basically, Apple’s idea is to create a robot that independently performs household chores.

It’s possible that this new project will eventually never see the light of day, as some executives want to reinvest in projects similar to Apple’s self-driving cars to get nothing in return. This was due to Tim Cook’s insistence that Apple continue to run despite the many challenges it continued to face along the way.

Apple wants to replicate the success it’s had with the Mac, iPhone, and iPad and look into other changes, and for now we’ll just have to wait.

These robots already exist, but they are not for sale yet.

a few weeks ago shameA robotics company has released a video of a robot that uses AI from OpenAI to maintain verbal conversations, analyze its environment, and perform tasks such as putting a plate down the drain and picking up an apple without damaging it.

With OpenAI, Figure 01 can now hold full conversations with people.

-OpenAI models provide a high level of visual and linguistic intelligence.
-Figure Neural networks provide fast, low-level, agile robot behavior.

Everything in this video is a neural network:

April 4, 2024 • 13:01

As you can see, this robot has full mobility from the waist up and thanks to AI it can answer all types of questions.

Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
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