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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Don’t forget to download this when you do the 2023 Income: you will avoid many problems

And we must take into consideration that not everyone has the appropriate knowledge to prepare your own annual return. Hence, there are those who request an in-person appointment at an official Treasury building so that the Tax Agency itself can make it on site. There are also those who turn to a specialized manager to lend them a hand after paying the corresponding fees.

Preparing our own declaration without having much idea of ​​the subject is not the most appropriate in most cases. If we make mistakes, they will be at our own risk and we could expose ourselves to sanctions by the Tax Agency itself. Hence, to avoid problems, the best we can do is download the draft that the Spanish Treasury itself provides us with.

It should be noted that this is something that we can do quickly and easily from home. Furthermore, in many cases this draft will be more than enough to also present online and have our Income tax return 2024 ready. That is precisely what we are going to show you below in case you are interested in download the draft of our statement directly.

Perhaps the only drawback we are going to encounter here is the way to identify ourselves online. And there must be official evidence of our identification by one of the 3 available methods that we will review now.

How to download the Income Tax draft

The first thing we must take into consideration is that the Tax Agency itself provides us with a website for these tasks. This allows us request our draft of the declaration comfortably from home with just a PC, a connection and our favorite browser. Next we only have to place ourselves in this link.

Disinfectant, all we have to do is click on the link that says Draft/declaration processing service. At that moment is when we will have to identify ourselves digitally. This is something we can do through an electronic certificate, using the Cl@ve method or with an electronic DNI. This website also allows us to use the draft reference number if we previously accessed it at any time.

If we have our own tax address, we will have to confirm it or modify it at that moment if necessary. From there and once we have correctly identified ourselves with one of the mentioned methods, we will be able to access the corresponding services. These are offered to us by the Treasury, such as taking a look at our draft of this year’s declaration.

web finance draft

Once we have confirmed that all the tax information is correct and our declaration is valid, we can even submit it later electronically. Hence, for many citizens in this country, the draft that we can download directly from the link that we have mentioned is an excellent solution when it comes to submit your income tax return.

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