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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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How playAbility will revolutionize accessibility in video games (thanks to AI)

For several years now, video games have tended to optimize their accessibility. At Xbox as at PlayStation, we offer dedicated gaming accessories, while developers strive to offer as many accessibility options as possible to suit as many people as possible. On the playAbility side, we want to ensure that video games are an inclusive experience accessible to all, beyond any physical limitations. And for this, we have developed impressive software.

A revolutionary program to promote inclusiveness in video games

playAbility beta ushers in a new era of gaming“, we can read on the website dedicated to the program. The latter, compatible with PC, but also PlayStation and Xbox (thanks to the magic of remote play) makes it possible to transform facial movements, but also assistance devices, into intuitive game controls. Note that the solution is also compatible with Cloud Gaming Xbox, Amazon Luna or GeForce Now.

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Boosted with artificial intelligence, the application allows the user to create their own virtual controller, by assigning an action to each facial movement and to compatible assistance devices (certain wheelchair controllers, the Xbox Adaptive Controller, etc.). ). The AI ​​promises to detect the slightest movement (via a webcam), providing extremely precise customization and control.

Enough to allow many players with disabilities and/or reduced mobility to rediscover (or discover) the pleasure of playing video games.

Our cutting-edge technology makes gaming even more accessible, transforming facial expressions, body movements and even the wheelchair joystick into a universal game controller” explain the creators of playAbility. Note that Valentin Squirelo, at the origin of the playAbility project, managed to win the prestigious gold medal in the Lépine competition.

Access to the beta version (Windows) of playAbility is completely free. The founders of the project are already offering support packs and the possibility of making donations, the aim being to launch the public version of the application this summer, followed by a mobile application, as well as voice command functionalities and control by the body.

Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
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