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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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I will not buy an iPhone again, the problems are too many

iPhones are one of the most sought-after mobile phones currently on the market. However, this interest that Cupertino phones have always aroused is declining by leaps and bounds and much of the blame the last generations have it. Mobile phones that do not meet certain quality standards and that in the end cause users like me to end up going to the competition.

And in recent years, the problems that Apple phones have been experiencing have become more and more. And the worst of all is that when one is fixed, another arrives and so on. Furthermore, all the problems that we have encountered during this time come mainly from the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 15 and precisely those that have caused the most problems have been the TOP models. What are the most common problems?

The warming has been the most pronounced

If there is a single problem that has brought me and many users down the street, it is the heating of the devices. Both the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 15, especially in their Pro models, They have suffered a warming that has not been beneficial at all with mobile phones. Reaching excessive temperatures without the phone having control with heat management has been the usual trend when tasks that were a little more demanding than necessary were carried out.

apple iphone 16 battery

This is perhaps the most important point that Apple must try to address in the coming months for the iPhone 16 and make it possible, in terms of managing the phone’s performance through iOS. This is an issue that not only affects the experience, but also can damage internal aspects of the mobile phone and therefore, it may break down sooner than it should.

The battery lasts less and less

If there is an Apple phone that became an absolute benchmark in terms of battery, that was the iPhone 13 Pro. A mobile that surprised many for its enormous capacity and excellent battery management. However, with the arrival of the iPhone 14, this did not continue and in fact the battery got a little worse. This problem continued to be accused, especially in the iPhone 15 Pro model, where there are not exactly a few users who have complained about it. the short duration it has the battery in this terminal.

iphone 15 pro max

A weak construction

This point is perhaps one of the most curious, because Apple has always been a brand that has taken and taken care of everything that goes into the construction of its phones to the millimeter. However, this construction in recent years seems to be being neglected a bit.

Problems such as the noise the camera made of the iPhone 14 Pro to many users or the screen problems that have occurred in the last two Apple devices. This is nothing more than a manufacturing error Obviously, Apple is responsible for correcting all users, but initially it is something for which we could demand a little more.




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