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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Intel gets serious and already has a plan to compete with TSMC

During the last years, Intel has seen its level of income reduced due to the improvements that its competitors have made, leaving the American company behind in several aspects, one of them, the creation of chips. That is why the company that created the Intel Core has prepared a plan to try to snatch some of the market share that TSMC currently has thanks to various new technologies.

The plans of Intel They go through using a large amount of the subsidies they will receive to propose a strategy that allows them to position themselves as one of the leading companies in the sector, competing directly against TSMC. This could take the American company to the top positions, after having practically hit rock bottom because it was considered that it could not compete against the Taiwanese company in any way.

Intel Foundry could resurface thanks to a master plan

It is clear that there is currently an undisputed leader in chip manufacturing worldwide, TSMC It is the company with which practically all major brands want to collaborate due to its technological advances, offering solutions that no other company can currently have. That is why it is clear that trying to compete against them is not an easy task, but Intel has devised a way to be able to engage in a battle against them to try to get a part of the potential customers that the Taiwanese company has, and part of this plan involves starting the production of a process supposedly superior to what it can offer. TSMC.

All of this is part of a way of using the benefit that the United States government offers them thanks to the various subsidies that the country has sought to make to promote the development of the company, from which they have assured that this financing is essential to develop the company. business division of Intel Foundry. The CEO of said company has indicated that during 2024 chip manufacturers will use advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence to improve margins and chip quality.

The main way in which they would seek to compete against TSMC It is through the development of the process they have called 18A, which they have indicated would enter production this year, a process that will supposedly seek to compete with the 3nm process presented by the Taiwanese company. On the other hand, as indicated from Intelkey areas of chip manufacturing will be improved, such as streamlining and testing times, seeking to increase margins and recover in-house developments that until now depended on third parties.

Intel vs TSMC Financing

Intel does not finish clarifying itself

It is clear that the movements of Intel are not really clear, since at the beginning of the year we saw how the company announced that some of its processors would include chips manufactured by TSMC due to the technological difference that exists between these companies. They later announced that they would seek to revive Intel Foundrymaking this company act individually instead of being within the main branch as such, also indicating that they would begin to manufacture chips for other clients.

Now, not only are they looking to return to the chip market, but they also want to compete against the company that we could call the leader in the sector, through a development that, according to the American company, should surpass the Taiwanese process. These changes in such a short time indicate that Intel is going through a phase in which things are not very clear, but they still know that they can develop technologies powerful enough to once again compete against the best.

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