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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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iOS 17.5: these 2 new features should arrive before summer

Apple has not yet released the slightest beta concerning iOS 17.5, but two features are already part of the rumors around this update. According to the first information available to us, iOS 17.5 should allow iPhone users in Europe to download applications directly from websites. This feature should be the big news in iOS 17.5, allowing Apple to comply once and for all at the European DMA.

The App Store has a new competitor, the web

Has Apple opened Pandora’s box? The Cupertino company has just communicated on the distribution of applications from the web. It will be possible for eligible developers, thus freeing themselves from the rules and commissions of the App Store.

Apple announced that this feature would be available “in the spring”. For many analysts close to the Apple brand, iOS 17.5 should be used to introduce this option into all iPhones in Europe.

For now, this privileged access should be limited to the most popular developers. According to Apple’s criteria, a developer will not be eligible if they have not previously been part of Apple’s program for two consecutive years. The application must also have had some success. It must exceed one million downloads over the last calendar year.

Recovery contact

The other big new thing that should arrive with iOS 17.5 concerns a very distinct part of the iPhone. This is about the Apple ID and its recovery contacts. For the moment, only the analyst Nicholas Alvarez mentioned this change, without giving many details.

He clarified in a message on social networks that the revisions made by Apple would not necessarily be visible to the user.

Apple is expected to release iOS 17.5 before the end of May. The update will be the last major change to iOS 17 before WWDC and the presentation of iOS 18. This new version of the iPhone operating system is expected to be an upheaval for the Apple brand.

In statements, journalist Mark Gurman announced that iOS 18 was going to be one of the most important updates in Apple’s history, if not the most important of all. Something to make us dream while we wait until June 10 and the opening of WWDC in Cupertino.

Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
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