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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Lara Croft will star in Game Pass in April, but there’s more…

Although we already told you a few days ago the games that would come to Xbox Game Pass During the month of April, we have now learned about other titles that seem to be joining that long list. And of all of them we have to highlight one starring Lara Croftone of the characters in the history of video games that have most marked the gamers of several generations.

As we told you, although the names of some of the new features had already been revealed, Xbox Game Pass For the month of April, we still had to know which ones we would have available on both PC, console and the cloud. And there are great news that affect some of the best-known sagas on the market in recent times. Behold.

PS Plus welcomes Lara Croft

It is always good news to meet again with a tomb Raider and especially if we talk about one of the best that has ever appeared. Is about Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Editionstarring a Lara Croft much more human and flesh and blood than normal, and which becomes a great opportunity to enjoy one of his last appearances. In this case we can also play it in the cloud, in case you don’t want to be tethered to the PC (with an Xbox controller, of course) or the Xbox.

But apart from Lara Croft, there are other illustrious names in this catalog of games. Xbox Game Pass for the month of April is EA Sports PGA Tour, a golf simulator that reminds us of the old days with the Leaderboard and Links Access for PC. If you have ever enjoyed those classics, or the Tiger Woods from Electronic Arts, then you’re in luck.

The third thing to highlight from this new batch of games that will arrive in April is LEGO 2K Drivewhich recently came onto the market and was born as a transversal alternative, for all systems and consoles, to the Mario Kart from Nintendo for Switch: you know, very fast cars and all the traps in the world to stop our adversaries on the track by “civil or criminal”, as good old Luis Aragonés said.

Other notable Game Pass news

Leaving those three titles aside, they also appear Botany Manorwhich we already warned you about a few days ago, as well as Harold Halibut, which is a spectacular adventure made with graphics captured from real figures animated with technology stop motion. Although it won’t arrive until the 16th and we will still have to wait a little over a week.

kona and Lil Gator Game are the others who Microsoft has revealed that they will be within Xbox Game Pass in April. In all cases, these are titles that you will have on both Xbox and PC and Xbox Cloud Game, except in the case of kona and LEGO 2K Drive that we will not be able to enjoy them on our PCs.

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