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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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MSI has acknowledged a defect in the Z790 board that damaged the chipset and will be replacing it.

One of the biggest problems that every PC user faces is when their motherboard stops working. Because the motherboard is the element that connects all PCs. Component And since it is essential to its operation, if possible you should invest in a manufacturer that offers sufficient warranties, and a department that regularly checks its manufacturing status, to ensure that you do not suffer from quality control issues. Performed in accordance with established quality standards.

This department doesn’t seem to be doing its job properly. At least that’s what the motherboard problem suggests. MSI Z790 Tomahawk Wi-FiThe manufacturer acknowledged that the chipset crack occurred for reasons related to the boards and manufacturing process, which are compatible with Intel’s 12th, 13th, and 14th generation processors.

MSI will replace affected boards

After the recent controversy broke out, as the number of affected users increased, the company had no choice but to admit its error and do its best for customers who trusted us. Replace affected models.

Instead of using social networks, MSI used the Reddit platform to verify information posted by electronics technician and YouTuber Joshi Repair in one of his latest videos. The manufacturer stated that the cause of the problem was the screws on the heatsink. This screw caused the chipset to crack, rendering it completely unusable and causing a lack of quality control.

MSI said in a statement:

We have found that a small number of drives can cause a non-functioning PCH, resulting in a missing motherboard error. We have determined that the cause is due to the design of the chipset heatsink screws previously used and have taken proactive steps to address this issue. A revised chipset heatsink screw design has been implemented in production and known cases have been addressed.

In the same statement, they admit that this is due to a manufacturing issue (not to mention that their quality control failed miserably) and promise to replace the motherboards of users affected by this issue as soon as possible.

MSI doesn’t comment on other models. Z790 Base SheetSo, at first everything seems to indicate that this issue has only been discovered on the Tomahawk WiFi model, so we cannot rule out that the same issue exists on other Z790 SKUs from the same manufacturer.

To request a motherboard replacement, simply contact MSI Customer Service who will handle the replacement process. If you purchased your board from a third-party distributor, such as Amazon, you will need to use this platform to request a refund or replacement using your warranty.

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