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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Professional or amateur photographer? This SSD is made for you

Whether we like video editing or photography, when we go out to enjoy our hobby, we must always be prepared with enough capacity to upload all the content we create and avoid running out of space, a process that can last more or less time depending. which support we use since, depending on the format we use, it can take up a lot of space.

If we want to waste as little time as possible dumping the content to an external storage drive, we can use any SSD drive. But, if we also want to prevent these from being lost due to any impact or effects to which the unit may be exposed, the number of options available on the market is reduced to the new storage unit that TeamGroup has just presented with the T-CREATE CinemaPr P31.

T-CREATE CinemaPr31 Portable SSD

This is TeamGroup’s first product focused on the field of content creation, for photographers and video recording and editing professionals so that they can upload all the content they generate safely and continue working. It has a design to attach directly to professional recording units and use it when necessary without having to disassemble the equipment to dump information.

Logically, it has USB-C connectivity and offers a maximum data transfer speed of 2,000 MB/swhich allows large files, especially video, to be transferred in just a few minutes, eliminating one of the common concerns of content creators when it comes to uploading the photos and videos they create to other units.

By offering a high Transfer speed, it is necessary to prevent the unit from heating up more than normal, especially if we carry out the process outside. To avoid this, this product uses graphene cooling technology to offer stable performance while always maintaining controlled temperature. In addition, it includes a red LED that lights up when information is being transferred, ideal for knowing when the process has finished.

SSD TeamGroup CinemaPr

Includes IP67 certification which allows it to be used in environments with humidity and dust in complete safety thanks to the aluminum alloy casing that offers additional resistance to any type of impact and that also makes it lighter than other options on the market, since it only weighs 97 grams.

This new unit is available with 1, 2 and up 4TB of storage. The 4 TB model allows you to store up to 400 minutes of video on RAW format 8K, 533 minutes in 6K RAW format, 800 minutes in 4K RAW format and more than 2,000 minutes in Full HD RAW format. If we are going to use it to store photographs in RAW format at an average of 20 MB per file, more than 200,000 images can be stored on the 4 TB drive.

Price and availability

Being a product focused on video and photography editing professionals, this SSD storage unit will be available in specialized stores and will do so starting in mid-April worldwide. At the moment, the launch price has not been announced. This model will be available in black and titanium color.

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Mark Tyson
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