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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Samsung intends to change PC RAM with 3D chips

New developments in the world of hardware can represent big changes for the industry, we have seen how many companies have proposed various technologies that allow PC components to be improved, in this case, Samsung presents us with his new proposal related to the RAM. The South Korean brand would plan to create a revolution regarding this component using new chips that would allow greater performance along with higher capacity.

Technological advances that involve improving the components of a computer represent a large part of the investments of many of the largest companies in the world, as NVIDIA has done with its AI-oriented chips, many other brands are beginning to develop products for your specialty. In the case of SamsungAs we well know, one of their specialties is storage, but they have not left aside other components, presenting one of the biggest improvements with respect to the RAM of recent years.

The future of RAM memories

First in the presentation, Samsung has indicated that this project will be carried out over the next ten years, but that the start will be imminent, since it will take place starting next year, with a proposal to improve its production until reaching the year 2035. During this decade, The South Korean company will plan to develop modules of RAM that will incorporate 3D chips, which translates, according to them, into an extremely large improvement in terms of capacity and speed with respect to the memories that we can currently find on the market.

As indicated in the presentation, the company would begin in 2025 to develop new chips that would be below 10 nm, a technological process that will change the perception of RAM that we currently have. And these new memory modules would incorporate what the brand calls 3D DRAMoffering in turn two new methods to create this type of memory depending on the placement of its components, Vertical Channel Transistors (Vertical Channel Transistors) and Stacked DRAM (Stacked DRAM) are the names they have chosen to name these technologies that reduce the occupation of the device area, guaranteeing greater performance.

Samsung RAM chip 3D

How far will these new modules go?

At first there is not much information regarding these new technologies that are planned to be introduced. Samsung, but we can know certain development points that the company plans to carry out. And one of the improvements that the South Korean brand seeks to carry out is to be able to break the barrier that the companies currently have. RAM memoriesthat is, offering greater capacity together with extremely high speed.

First of all, the first goal they have set is to obtain modules that can exceed 100 GB of storage, through the concept of DRAM Stacked that we have mentioned previously that allows us to achieve a greater relationship in terms of storage and the physical space it occupies. In this way, it is expected that after the beginning of the development of these new RAM memoriesthe industry related to this type of components will grow greatly.

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