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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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The GeForce RTX 4090D will be the next graphics card to be banned in China.

graphics card GeForce RTX 4090D and model H20 AI This will be the next piece of hardware restricted to the Chinese market.

Nvidia RTX 4090D will also be banned in China.

USA Restrictions are being strengthened. china, Any graphics card and accelerator with computing power is now available. 70 teraflops There will be restrictions. These new measures become active this week.

Graphics card situation RTX 4090D It’s quite curious because, with all the limitations of the case, it was basically designed to be sold only on Chinese territory. However, due to new restrictions, this graphics card is now banned from sale in China and other countries in the region. The same goes for the H20 AI GPU dedicated to artificial intelligence.

We recommend our guide to the best graphics cards on the market.

A License (NLR) is available for computers whose “Maximum Tuned Performance” (“APP”) does not exceed 70 Weighted Teraflops (WT) and for “electronic assemblies” described in 4A003.c whose “Maximum Tuned Performance” (“APP”) does not exceed 70 Weighted Teraflops (WT). Required. ” (“APP”) has a Total Weighted Teraflops (WT) exceeding 70.

– Securities and Exchange Commission

RTX 4090D

that much RTX 4090D GPUs released in November H20 AI We started taking orders in February.

According to ECCN 4A003The mentioned products cannot be exported directly to China and other prohibited countries as licensing may be required.

We talked about it recently. RTX 4090DSome manufacturers offer the possibility of manual overclocking and have achieved performances such as: Original RTX 4090, so they were effectively circumventing the restrictions. We’ll keep you up to date with all the news.

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