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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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The greed of manufacturers will cause the price of SSDs to rise by 25%

While during the course of 2024 we can expect components to drop in price, solid state drives will almost certainly see an increase in price, as manufacturers of these SSD They seek to recover the losses they have had in recent years. This implies that we will see the new (and old) units of storage with higher costs than they should, something that will undoubtedly greatly affect the buyers’ pockets.

During recent years, many manufacturers of storage have indicated that they were on the ropes due to having losses related to the sale of the units SSD, since sales did not keep up with production expenses, something that largely led them to stop manufacturing for a time to alleviate this problem. Currently, many of the manufacturers have recreated these units seeing that the sale of components is booming again, but this will lead to a price increase for buyers.

Storage units will be more expensive

To understand the reason why the prices of these units are going to be higher, we must first know that as we have explained before, the companies that develop solutions for storage They were experiencing losses when it came to selling their solid state drives. This has led these companies to begin an operation in which they will increase the price of these SSDbetween 10-15% for consumer-level solutions, while business solutions could reach up to 25% more than their current price, being an extremely large increase considering that it would add a quarter of the base price of the product .

But as we well know, this may not stop here, since these forecasts are what we can expect during this year, but we do not know if in the future prices will begin to drop once they recover those losses or if, on the contrary, they will remain the same. with this increase. One of the possibilities that there may be is also the fact that some time after the first rise, they could rise again, that is, in data they could be at a price 40% higher to reach the “optimal” value that companies would need to be able to recover the money invested in recent years throughout 2024.

Image of two external SSDs

What will happen after the price increase

At first, as we have indicated, we cannot really know if once they reach the maximum price they will remain the same, go down or if they can go up again, but supposedly this price increase would negatively affect consumers in the short term, while it would be the best long-term. This, to summarize it simply, would indicate that as long as companies are not greedy and continue to raise prices once they make profits, the cost of the units should decrease until it reaches a price similar to the current one.

This implies that we will surely not see a price lower than the current one in the near future, but it is possible that when everything stabilizes, we could find prices similar to or slightly higher than those that exist now. That is why, given the forecasts, the best time to buy one unit of storage in solid state it is now, since the tremendous increase that these are going to have in their prices has not yet been experienced.

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