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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Thermaltake’s range of CT fans reduce cables to a minimum

But ASUS is not the only manufacturer that is betting on offering the possibility of forgetting about cables inside the PC. Thermaltake maintains its commitment to the interior of a wireless PC by updating the range of CT fans to offer better performance.

Thermaltake cordless fans

If we talk about Thermaltake, we are talking about a company that has been in the market for many years designing and manufacturing all types of PC components. The CT fan range has just been updated with a new range of fans where you will find the models PC CT120 EX ARGB Syncy PC CT140 EX ARGB in a pack of 3 fans. have to use MagForce 2.0 connections, an improved version of the first generation.

This pack of 3 120 and 140 mm fans uses magnetic connection to obtain the energy necessary to function thanks to technology called MagForce 2.0 and that will sound familiar to many users since it is very similar to the technology that Apple traditionally used in the MacBook range called MagSafe and that it was designed so that, in the event of any tug, the cable would be unhooked and the laptop would not fall behind.

MagForce technology has a magnetic anchoring system twice as large as its predecessors to adjust the fans in the best position and be able to do their work in the most efficient way possible and, in addition, it allows reducing the cables inside the PC focused on powering them in order to show a more tidy interior by allowing Connect up to 8 fans of this type with a single power cable.

This new range of fans, as we can deduce from the name, includes support for ARGB lighting through 9 LEDs (customizable with up to 16.8 million colors through the motherboard software to which they are connected) and offers superior cooling than the models that were already available in Thermaltake’s CT range.

Thermaltake fans magnetic connection

The 120 mm model is capable of offering an airflow of 68 CFM and a static pressure of 2.95 mm keeping the noise level at 28.5 dB, while the 140 mm model achieves 90.3 CFM of air flow, 3.07 mm of Static pressure and 30.7 dB loudness.

Both models include a frame designed to prevent air leaks and maximize efficiency. To prevent the equipment from vibrating during operation, the frame includes pads in the corners to absorb the vibration they generate, which also reduces the noise level when working at maximum speed.

Price and availability

Thermaltake has just presented this new range of fans, which will be available in a pack of 3 units of 120 or 140 mm. but at the moment, it has not announced what its launch price will be when it hits the market in the coming weeks.

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