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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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These are the prices of Windows 10 security patches

Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 10 next year. This means that millions of users will be left without security updates around the world. Due to this, the company offers the possibility of purchasing packages to obtain security updates to the operating system. It is already known how much these packages will cost.

This will cost security updates in Windows 10

The company is going to provide three options to users who want to continue obtaining these security updates in the operating system.

Pay for patches

Users will be able to download an activation key to use on their Windows 10 computer, which will have a price of $61 per team in the first year. Companies will be able to get a 25% discount in the first year, while Office 365 customers will not have to pay money for these security patches, as has been reported. Of course, this option will allow the price to double every year.

From Microsoft they mention that although they prefer that users update to Windows 11, they want to give in this way the possibility of continuing to use this operating system. This option will allow users to receive critical monthly updates, as is currently the case. No new functions will be introduced, yes, they will simply be security patches.

How to install a screensaver in Windows 11 and Windows 10

Those users who want to keep Windows 10 will be able to do so in a safe way, although these updates will be very expensive. Since three years of updates They will end up costing about $427, so it is something that must be carefully considered, due to this high cost. Updating to Windows 11 seems to be easier and cheaper, but at least users will have the option of having the system updated.

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