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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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These two work mice from Trust are to leave Logitech in the gutter

Peripherals have evolved to the point of adapting to offer the necessary features for each situation, with those that we can use to play being different from those that seek superior ergonomics and versatility to use for example at work. In this case, Trust presents us with his new micewhose main use is related to work, and they offer a series of features that make them perfect for people who develop their professional careers in front of a computer.

In general terms, we can imagine that a mouse to work, it cannot offer a large number of specifications, since at first we tend to think that any peripheral is useful as long as it fulfills its function, but in this case Trust He has thought of everything. Not only in those people who look for the best quality or ergonomics, but also in those who work around them, making their new device have a key factor, silence.

Trust’s new mice

One of the greatest advantages that we can find when choosing a peripheral is the great variety that exists, whether due to the brand, the functions it can fulfill or simply because of the design they have, they offer us a great capacity to decide on what we want to buy. But it is clear that there are some that stand out above the others, and they tend to be those that are capable of providing a series of advantages over the rest of their competitors.

In this case, Trust presents us with two new models of mouse that offer a series of features that make them perfect to use when working, since they cover all the needs that a person may have in the business field. And one of the main reasons we can find to buy one of these mice is the versatility when connecting them that they offer, since both the Ozaa+ and the Ozaa Compact are capable of wirelessly linking to a maximum of three devices within a range of 10 meters, one through its 2.4 USB receiver GHz and two using the Bluetooth connection.

In addition, all its buttons are silent, which means that noise is not a problem. On the other hand, they also have a high-quality sensor that allows them to be used on any surface and reaches 3200 DPI. It also has an integrated battery to use it wirelessly for several hours without having to worry. Added to everything we have mentioned, these mice They have a commitment to the planet by being made with 60% recycled plastic.

Ozaa Compact Trust Mouse

How do the models of these new mice differ?

First of all, the biggest difference that we can find between the models Ozaa+ and the Ozaa Compact is the price, since the first ones have a value of €50, while the compact edition costs €10 less, that is, €40. In technical aspects they are similar, but the design is completely different, since the Compact version, as its name indicates, is smaller than the Ozaa+making its use even more versatile by offering superior portability.

On the other hand, as we have indicated, the only thing that changes is the design, so we can get the models Ozaa+ in two colors, white or black, while with the Ozaa Compact we can choose from a wider variety, adding to the basic colors that the previous model has two more striking ones, blue and purple.

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