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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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This is the name that Bill Gates wanted to give to his system

And not only in the current ones, since this has been happening for decades, a software that has not stopped growing and improving until it reaches what it has become today. We are referring to the famous Windows 10 and 11. It is true that there are other alternatives such as different Linux distributions, but at this moment the leadership of Windows is incontestable.

We are talking about an operating system that has a lot of history and years behind it. Although it did not always have the success and acceptance of today, and like almost everything related to technology, it had to overcome its beginnings.

When was the first version of the Microsoft system released

First of all, we must keep in mind that Windows 1.0 was released for the first time in 1985. It has been raining since then. From then on, its growth and development was constant, although in the beginning, as we told you, it did not have much acceptance. This is a project that came from the old MS-DOS which is surely more than familiar to many of you. Some of you have even worked with that software.

The name of Bill Gates, one of the co-founders of the company and leading exponents of the operating system, is probably just as familiar to you by now. We tell you all this because initially the idea of ​​Gates himself and his developers was not to call this project Windows, which ended up being a huge success. Furthermore, we must keep in mind that although its launch was in the aforementioned in 1985, the Windows 1.0 programmers They had been working on all this since 1981.

What was the original name of Windows

Well, at this point we will tell you that the original name that Bill Gates and his team had in mind for Windows was Interface Manager, as is. It is not necessary to explain the reason for this nomenclature if we take into consideration that the operating system under development was a evolution of the old MS-DOSbut with a graphical interface.

However, there was someone who flatly opposed this nomenclature that we mentioned. In reality, he was someone who had no idea about the world of technology, we are specifically referring to Rowland Hanson. This person had arrived at the company shortly before and came from the world of cosmetics. In fact, he was the vice president of Marketing at the Neutrogena firm.

Therefore, once he learned of the name they wanted to give to the new system, Interface Manager, he was adamantly opposed. In fact, he met with the developers of the new software trying to convince them that calling it Windows would be much better. And other similar projects launched before began to be known as window managers or systems. Hence their intention to use the name Windows.

However, none of the developers he met with at that time accepted his proposal. They remained convinced that Interface Manager was the best option for the future. Therefore, Hanson himself decided to talk to Bill Gates. All with the purpose that the tycoon would finally change his mind and Windows ended up being, Windows.

And thank goodness. Surely it would sound a little strange to many to have the Interface Manager 10 operating system or Interface Manager 11, right now. Furthermore, perhaps this change of opinion on the part of Gates himself had a lot to do with the subsequent development of the operating system as such, although that is something we will never know for sure.

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Mark Tyson
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