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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Three Apple Watches are finally entitled to this favor from Apple

When Apple releases new products in its online store, they are often entitled to the same thing. Namely, a presentation page, a section to compare it to other products, sometimes a “discovery” section, and finally a “Characteristics” section.

The latter contains the technical specifications of Apple devices, particularly concerning components. It is very popular with many users, in order to find out more about Apple equipment that they plan to buy, but not everyone is apparently entitled to it upon release.

If we look at the latest MacBook Air M3, which appeared at the beginning of March, we notice that the dedicated page includes all the sections, including “features”. However, there are three Apple Watches which have so far not been entitled to this small page, which is nevertheless valuable for certain customers. These are the Apple Watches Series 9, Ultra 2And Second generation OS.

If we’re talking about it today, it’s obviously because Apple has just taken the plunge, as one user noticed. The latter shared the news in a Tweet.

Finally !

On Elon Musk’s social network, user Aaron shares:

Apple has finally launched the “Technical Specifications” pages for Apple Watches! Before this, all we had was the comparison page.

As MacRumors points out on this subject:

“The pages offer a variety of information about the latest Apple Watch models, including details on materials and finishes, size and weight, hardware, connectivity, battery life, health and wellness features, security features, accessibility features, etc. »

To see what it looks like:

Not (yet) in France

We went to check if the sections Features were also available in France for the models mentioned above, but this is still not the case. However, we imagine that this will happen soon.

Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
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