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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Unicorn Overlord is a success and we know why

It was seen coming that Unicorn Overlord It was going to be a differential game, although it is true that Atlus It is not a company that we can define as mainstream and which everyone is paying attention to – at least here, in Spain. But having a developer like Vanillaware It is a guarantee of quality and that, little by little, is penetrating among the gamers who end up being aware of each new release from the Japanese.

And practically since it came on the market Unicorn Overlord There has been a rare unanimity within the industry whereby, both critics and the public, have elevated the latest work of Vanillaware until considering it as one of the best of his career. Although of course, then all those compliments had to be backed up with units sold.

Unicorn Overlord passes the cotton test

We do not know what the expectations of Atlus with the game of Vanillawareeven those of the studio itself, but in the last few hours it has been known that Unicorn Overlord It has managed to sell more than half a million units around the world, so we can understand that those responsible are more than happy. We assume that they will not want to stay there, so it is to be expected that things will escalate.

Keep in mind that these units sold are distributed between the PS4/PS5, Xbox (do you remember them all?) and Nintendo Switch versions, so a priori they don’t seem crazy to you. It is also true that we are at the beginning of the game’s useful life, so it has a long way to go and surely that proclamation of Atlus These results have to do with the fact that, compared to previous productions of Vanillawareor own launches, the same is burning stages faster than in other cases.

Anyway, we are glad that Unicorn Overlord is doing well, because it is one of the best games so far in 2024, which elevates the genre of turn-based combat – automatic, of course -, strategy and even RPGs to a level that we have rarely seen , with a plot and graphic section that attracts attention as soon as it is seen.

Unicorn Overlord and the controversy with PCs

We don’t know how things would have evolved but surely Unicorn Overlord Things would have gone much better if they had released a PC version. Unfortunately, Atlus already said that Vanillaware It expressly prevents that from happening, so if you want to enjoy it you will necessarily have to go to a console. A shame because it is a development that would have fit like a glove into an ecosystem gaming like that of the compatible ones.

In Unicorn Overlord We command an heir who wants to recover his entire kingdom and, to achieve this, he must reconquer each territory by eliminating the rebel forces that revolted against his mother, in an incredible tactical map through which we must move completing missions and conquering new enclaves. A wonder that you must try yes or yes.

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Mark Tyson
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