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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Windows 11 loses users while Windows 10 grows again

With Windows 10 giving its last legs, and about to go down in history along with XP and 7 as a great operating system, Microsoft is trying by all means to increase the market share of Windows 11. However, despite having more than two years on the market, its latest operating system has not taken off. But there’s even more bad news for Microsoft.

Statcounter is a platform that allows us to know the market share of the main browsers, search engines, social networks, operating systems and much more. Thanks to this platform we can know, for example, user trends when choosing one product or another, and the evolution, over time, of these products.

It seemed that 2024 was going to be a good year for Windows 11. In January of this year, this system managed to reach its maximum market share, with more than 28.18%. However, it seems that users have started to back off, as in February and March, this system has lost a whopping 1.46% of market share. But this information would not be entirely worrying if it were not for the fact that his predecessor, Windows 10 has grown by 1.81%recovering values ​​from autumn 2023.

Microsoft has not provided exact data on the market share of its operating systems, so Statcounter has to resort to third-party analytics to generate the information. Therefore, although the data does not represent 100% of the devices connected to the Internet, the values ​​obtained are usually quite accurate.

Windows 11 is also not convincing in “gaming”

Windows 11 has also not performed well in Steam hardware surveys. Valve’s gaming platform, every month, publishes its own statistics with the software and hardware that its users use the most. On this occasion, we can see how Windows 11 has lost 0.33% market share, moving away from Windows 10, which is still installed on more than one in two computers.

Steam Hardware Survey 0324

Interestingly, both Linux and macOS have grown, generally speaking, within the systems used. Could we be on the verge of a paradigmatic change? We will closely monitor how the market evolves over the coming months.

Microsoft Edge in trouble

But the loss of Windows 11 users is not the only penalty that Microsoft is dragging. And this month has also been catastrophic for its web browser, Microsoft Edge. This browser, which had been growing for months and was already in second place, in the shadow of Google Chrome, this month has received a blow, losing a significant number of users at the same time that Chrome has skyrocketed its success.

Browsers market share 0324

As can be seen in the previous graph, Google Chrome is still the king, far from anyone deigning to even look at its face, while Edge, despite its bad data, continues to occupy second place. Safari and Firefox compete for third place and, from there on down, there is practically no one who has anything to do.

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