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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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All about VLOGGER, Google’s AI to create a video from a simple photo

And we cannot forget that in a few months now new applications, platforms and language models focused on artificial intelligence have only appeared. All this in order to offer users different alternatives that improve the use of technology through the creation of automatic content. In addition, many AI platforms are there to help us solve all kinds of doubts, move around the Internet better, or even improve our programming projects.

As with another of the great technological giants such as Microsoft, Google is fully involved in the development and Integration of AI into your services and products. Hence precisely the recent presentation they have made of their latest project of these characteristics, which they have called VLOGGER. First of all we must take into consideration that this is a independent project to Geminithe artificial intelligence of the search giant that we have told you about on multiple occasions lately.

What usefulness will VLOGGER, Google’s AI, offer us?

The truth is that with Gemini, what Google initially intends is to compete with other platforms of this type as popular as OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Microsoft’s Copilot. On the contrary, with the new VLOGGER project, what the company intends is to offer us intelligence capable of converting a photo into a video with audio.

To date, generating images automatically through a certain prompt is becoming more than common. We started to find some platforms that help us create videos automatically. But it’s another thing to give life to an image to turn it into a video with voice, as is the case with this new proposal. To give us a more approximate idea of ​​the project as such, say that VLOGGER is a high-performance video editor based on artificial intelligence.

Its operation focuses on working with the image that we specify, initially, to generate the video frames automatically. Obviously, in this new content, special care is taken with facial movement, since the AI ​​is trained to predict the animated movements of the still image based on the audio that we want to add. It must be taken into account that here we are talking about generating High-quality, variable-length videosall automatically.

This is currently a project in full development by the search giant, and it is expected to improve substantially when the final version is released.

Additional functions of the new artificial intelligence

There is no doubt that the functionality that we have described above will be very interesting for many. Perhaps it can be used to generate all kinds of tutorials or personalized professional presentations from a simple image. But we must also keep in mind that this is not the only function of VLOGGER, at least for the moment.

And it is worth noting that the new AI from Google She is also qualified to translate video content. This means that we can upload a video file to the platform in a certain language, another audio file in another language, and the artificial intelligence adapts the voice to the image, determining the movement of the mouth so that it does not clash.

To finish right now, VLOGGER is also capable of modify facial expressions in the video generated from the original image. Obviously, this opens up a wide range of possibilities when it comes to adapting the new content that we have just created, with its AI, to our needs. In addition, experts assure that when the development of this project by Google is finished, its functionality will be even greater.

The bad thing about all this is that for the moment we will have to wait a while until we can start test the platform as such.

Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
Freelance News Writer. Always interested in the way in which technology can change people's lives, and that is why I also advise individuals and companies when it comes to adopting all the advances in Apple devices and services.


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