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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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If you have an MSI motherboard, you could have a serious problem

The price of some of the PC components is not exactly cheap and although we must trust that quality controls are carried out correctly to ensure proper functioning, from time to time we wake up with bad news that confirms just the opposite. The latest news related to poor quality control by PC component manufacturers can be found in the Z790 motherboard from MSI.

Both Reddit and the MSI forum have been filled with users who claim that this particular model of motherboard has stopped working overnight. This motherboard compatible with 12th, 13th and 14th generation Intel processors and which has been available on the market for two years, stops working overnight for no apparent reason.

Users who have suffered this problem and have gone to a technical service have seen how the chipset shows cracks that completely leave motherboard unusable. This problem, which was initially limited to a small number of users, seems to have, unfortunately, become widespread in recent times and has reminded many users of a similar problem that some MSI boards also had.

Problems with MSI motherboards

The computer technician and also YouTuber, Joshi Repair, has been one of the technicians who has received this model of board with this problem that he analyzed to check the reason why the equipment did not turn on.

After removing the heatsink and removing the thermal paste, what look like scratches show on the surface of the chipset. To clear up doubts, he used a thermal camera and verified that they were not really scratches but cracks in the chipset, so, as we mentioned above, there is no solution to this problem.

The only thing users affected by this problem can do is make use of the warranty if it is still valid (in Europe we have a 3-year warranty so there is no problem) or buy a new one and wait for MSI to make a decision. regarding this, since, at the time of publishing this article, he has not yet said anything about this widespread problem on Z790 motherboards.

Origin of the problem

While we wait for MSI to comment, some repair technicians, including Joshi, claim that the source of the problem may be related to the soldering process. If this is so, it means that the number of MSI Z790 motherboards could be much greater than the current one and not be limited to a defective batch and this specific model of motherboard that it has obtained. bypass quality control from this manufacturer.

If you are one of the users affected by this problem and you live in Europe, you will not have any problem using the warranty since, as we have mentioned above, it is 3 years, although seeing that the problem is more widespread than you might expect, trusting another motherboard manufacturer may be the best option.

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