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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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This ASUS wireless gaming mouse weighs only 54 grams

If we usually play with a keyboard and mouse on our PC because we are truly reluctant to use a controller, on the market we can find a large number of peripherals of all kinds that adapt to the needs and pockets of all users. If choosing a keyboard that suits our needs is not easy, depending on our tastes, finding a mouse it is much more so.

And we say that it is much simpler since the first thing we must take into account when choosing one or another model is the weight. If we enjoy online multiplayer shooting game titles or titles in which we must move the mouse quickly from one side to the other, it is advisable to use a mouse that is as light as possible to prevent the wrist from being burdened after long days of continuous use.

In this sense, we have to talk about one of the mice that ASUS has just presented with the model ROG Keris II Acea mouse designed for players of first- and third-person shooter titles that weighs 54 gramsbeing one of the lightest on the market within the gaming mouse category.

ROG Keris II Ace Ultralight Mouse

The second generation of the ASUS ROG Keris Ace mouse comes to the market with a optical sensor 42,000 dpi AimPoint Pro that works on any surface to deliver exceptional movement precision and respond to even the slightest movement.


In addition to this sensor, one of the most important parts in this type of device, we also have to talk about the switches, optical switches designed to offer minimum latency with mechanical design that offer total control at all times and with a useful life of 100 million clicks.

Along with the design and mechanical switches, we find ROG SpeedNova technology, a technology that reduce latency less than 1ms thanks to ASUS’ proprietary wireless technology that uses a 2.4 GHz RF sensor with minimal consumption. If you do not want to use the dongle to connect wirelessly, we can use Bluetooth connectivity, which is also compatible, or use a USB cable, which is also used to charge the mouse.


If we use the wired mouse, it is interesting to know that it is compatible with ROG Paracord to prevent the cable from becoming a problem when making sudden movements with the mouse, a compatibility that is only found in high-end mice.

As for the design, we have to talk about the lateral grip areas that are found on the sides of this model and that also give the mouse a very aggressive appearance. Includes 5 game profiles, profiles that we can configure independently for different games and that are stored directly in the mouse. In addition, it is also compatible with Armory Crate to customize its operation down to the smallest detail.

Price and availability

The new ROG Keris II Ace mouse is available in color white and in color black, like other products from this same manufacturer. The price of this mouse is at 200 euros and will be available in the coming weeks through the ASUS website.


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